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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Scarves & Necklaces

So I've finally had a little time to take some awesome pictures of a couple scarves I made as well as some necklaces too!  I should have taken pictures of the gifts I gave family and friends but since most of you reading this are family and friends you know what they look like!  :)
It's 70 degrees today and I'm loving it!  It will be 0 degrees on Monday!  And I thought Texas had some weird weather!
If you would like me to make any of these necklaces or scarves just leave a comment and include your name or send me an email at debsuescreations@gmail.com.   They range from $8-$15 each.  I can make any color of scarf you would like (just give me some time finding those funky colors!) and any color necklace.  All proceeds will go to World Vision. (www.worldvision.org)

This one has orange, green, brown and red tones. 

Both the pink and the flowered scarf are ruffled without elastic so be careful not to rip them!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Roses done right!

Ok here is a pic of the red roses I did tonight.  They turned out much bigger and took less time than the pink ones.  Duh....I forgot to twist while I wrapped the tissue around!  The blonde comes out here and there on me.  :)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Snow Day = Craft Day

So today I'm lounging around in my pj's (yes I took a shower) and working on some craft ideas and valentine decor.  I finally made a cute rose ball that I put on a candle holder....IT TOOK FOREVER so I'm going to figure out a quicker version on the ball so I can make the matching red one.  :)  Here are some pics of some of the decor I have made for valentines.  Enjoy your day!
This idea was from the idea room.  My roses were a lot smaller so it took more time.  Yuck!  I will work on that!

 I borrowed these ideas from  tatertots and jello

I just taped scrabble pieces on scrapbook paper.  I got the frames from the Dollar Tree!

 Made this one for a friend.  Super easy.  Got the idea from racks and mooby

I made this just browsing the internet.  It's made out of canvas and felt.  Pretty easy!
I bent a wire hanger in a circle and cut up 1 yard of burlap into 12 in. long, 5 in. wide strips.  I tied them on the wire hanger.  Easy!

Super easy and you can use these all year round!  I glued the glass bowls/vases onto the candle holders I got a Tuesday Morning.  I wrapped the bottom with a vday bow and filled with vday candies.  Had some extra fabric and bunched it up on the table for a runner.  Easy table center!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cool ideas

I like to browse the blogs of other creative peeps and I've found some good ones.  I was wondering how they made cute framed art and notecards with cool font....now I know.
www.picnik.com it is a free download and is awesome.  I might just go ahead and pay for the annual membership to have more cool things to do.  :)

I have decided my first venture in Deb Sue's Creations will be ruffles.  Ruffles are in so I have already started experimenting with scarves and I will soon experiment with making pillows.
I will take some pics this week and post them so you can see some of the projects I am excited to share.

My first blog

Hey friends and family!  Thought I would try this technologically advanced communication source called "blogging".
I'm starting to get 'crafty' with my old age approaching so thought I would try to sell some of my crafts and give the money to charity (Compassion and World Vision).  Hopefully I will be creative enough to have several items to sell.   So patience to me while I learn this whole blogging thing and how to put the creative side of my brain to use again!   More details to come.....
Blessings to you!