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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Before/After flooring

We finished the flooring in the office/nursery.  I will post pics of the finished nursery/office this weekend.  My in laws are coming to help paint and put in a shed (thank you!).  I can't wait for all this stuff to have a permanent place to be instead of garage and hall. 
Hubby sanded the funky painted floors.  Thank you hubby!

Stained with a Minwax water based stain that was in a tube....fast and easy!  The floor looks better than in this pic.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Flower Tower

I painted 4 different sized pots and just piled them up on top of each other.  They look great by our door.  It brings color to the front porch for the spring/summer!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

animal canvases

So we are expecting in October and don't want to know the sex so I needed to come up with some colors that were unisex.  I have been nesting big time before I start my nursing program in June so I ripped the carpet up (wood floors under it) in the office, now office/nursery and will have it sanded and stained.  I made some animal canvases that I think will look great in the nursery/office when done.  My hubby will be painting the room grey.  I was told I can't do any painting, hard labor (except in Oct) and anything I love to do but I will be patient until the baby is here.  :)  These canvases were done with acrylic paint so no harm done.  The rhino needed to be painted a 2nd coat.   Done.  Next on my list....painting curtains.  Again acrylic paint so no harm done.  I will post that once it's done.

OK OK the floor looks like crap right now but when my hubby is done sanding and staining it (with nontoxic stain) it will look really good!  Now that may take days, months, years for my hubby to finish, but once it's done I will post a pic.  :)

I free handed these once I saw some ideas on Pinterest.