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Thursday, December 25, 2014

wine glasses and wood gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!  I'm just hanging out with my little girl while my hubby works a 24 hour shift....yep that's right!  That's what happens when you are in the medical field.
Here are a couple projects I did for gifts.  Enjoy!

Martha Stewart glass paint!  I used a small paintbrush to paint dots on wine glasses. I bought red, blue, yellow and white to make any color of the rainbow.

These are more seasonal with gold and red paint

Bought a wood plaque, Family metal sign and wood clips all from Hobby Lobby.Stain the wood first, use gorilla glue to attach metal sign to wood and then glue clips on with wood glue. 

This is my favorite!  I used pinterest for instructions on how to transfer a photo onto wood.  Simple!!!  All you do is get a LASER printed photo (not inkjet!!) (make sure you reverse the photo if you are using words) and put gel medium on the wood.  Put the photo faced down and smooth out with a giftcard/credit card to get bubbles out.  The next day wet the paper and peel it off with your fingers. I then painted the edges with grey (you can leave it alone if you want) and then put some stain color to give it a vintage look. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Crafting

Soooo I don't have anything to put on the blog yet, but I'm busy making lots of different crafty stuff for Christmas gifts.  Until then....happy crafting!