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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lots of Homemade Christmas Decor!

So I go busy last week and made several things that were cheap, cheap, cheap.  Most of my materials I got at the Dollar Store, Thrift Stores or Hobby Lobby.  Here they are!

 I am in the process of making my family Christmas gifts so when they open them for Christmas then I will post them.  :)  I know they like to look on this blog once in a while!

candle sticks at thrift store I painted white then glued on 3 bowls from Dollar Store

spray painted pine cones found in my neighborhood

the green and red placemats and plate found at Target...cheap too!

found this in the kitchen area of one of the stores.  It's a placemat that I just glued on a white pillow!

added some blue to the wreath I already had and also a cute little edition!

painted a frame I got at thrift store and put wrapping paper and ornaments made out of cardstock and glitter

made the glitter trees with styrofoam cones at Dollar Store

used my fall hurricane lamps and put cranberries I found at Dollar Store in between candles and hurricane lamps.

Made a poinsetta on a old pillow I had with felt and hot glue