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Friday, May 8, 2015

Baby Circle Skirts

Here are a couple circle skirts I found the pattern for on danamadeit.com.  I'm not a sewer so it took longer than 5 min to make for me!  I found pink elastic at Michaels for one of them.  I also made matching head bows for the outfit.  They turned out super cute, but I have no idea how to sew a circle hem without having it bunch up on me....so I've got to do some research on that! 
Enjoy your weekend!  Happy Mothers Day to all moms out there!

Here's the pokadot curtains I'm working on.  I'll post a pic of them hanging up!  I just used a paper towel cardboard for the stencil of circles and then fabric medium & acrylic paint to fill in the dots.  It's taking a long time to do though!

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Girls room decor

Ok so it's been a while since I've posted anything soooo here you go.  I did a few things for Bella's room and den area.  Enjoy!

I got the idea on pinterest for this.  I spray painted the "I" and hand painted the aqua wood board with acrylic paint.  FYI The letter is cardboard so when you insert the light bulbs it's pretty flimsy, so I needed to anchor it on a board.  Just put gorilla glue around the I and sealed it to the board.

Bought ruffle ribbon at Hobby Lobby and just hot glued it around the lamp shade. 

Most everything is from Hobby Lobby here.  I painted with acrylic paint all the frames; the LOVE is carboard letters I wrapped with yarn and the Be-You-tiful I just painted a cardboard cutout with acrylic paint and traced the lettering with chalk pen.

Cut wood and stained.  Used wire from a frame hanging kit and put clips to hang her art

Chalkboard spray paint (3 layers) and a oil drip pan from Walmart made a great chalk art area for Bella!  I hung a roll of IKEA paper with a rope to! 

Bought the Sesame Street table at a garage sale and sanded, primed and painted it!


Next I will post curtains I hand painted for her room.  They are soooo tedious though but I'm almost done.  Til then enjoy your spring/summer!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

wine glasses and wood gifts

Merry Christmas everyone!  I'm just hanging out with my little girl while my hubby works a 24 hour shift....yep that's right!  That's what happens when you are in the medical field.
Here are a couple projects I did for gifts.  Enjoy!

Martha Stewart glass paint!  I used a small paintbrush to paint dots on wine glasses. I bought red, blue, yellow and white to make any color of the rainbow.

These are more seasonal with gold and red paint

Bought a wood plaque, Family metal sign and wood clips all from Hobby Lobby.Stain the wood first, use gorilla glue to attach metal sign to wood and then glue clips on with wood glue. 

This is my favorite!  I used pinterest for instructions on how to transfer a photo onto wood.  Simple!!!  All you do is get a LASER printed photo (not inkjet!!) (make sure you reverse the photo if you are using words) and put gel medium on the wood.  Put the photo faced down and smooth out with a giftcard/credit card to get bubbles out.  The next day wet the paper and peel it off with your fingers. I then painted the edges with grey (you can leave it alone if you want) and then put some stain color to give it a vintage look. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Christmas Crafting

Soooo I don't have anything to put on the blog yet, but I'm busy making lots of different crafty stuff for Christmas gifts.  Until then....happy crafting!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween outfit

Our little girl went as an old lady for Halloween. Since she likes to drag around chairs throughout the house, we thought she could drag around a walker made of PVC pipe!  Enjoy!

Monday, October 27, 2014

1st Birthday Outfit

So our baby Bella turned one this month and of course I had to make her a tutu for the party.  Plus I made barefoot sandals and a headbow.  Here are the pics.  I got the ideas from pinterest of course.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Bowtie Onesies and Onesie Dresses

I'm back in action!  Well....for a little while until I have to get a job!  Ha.  I'm now a registered nurse (passed my boards) so now I have to look for a job to start practicing what I learned in school!
So in the meantime, our little girl is turning 1 already in October so I'm getting ready for that.  I'm making it a pumpkin theme so more pictures and ideas coming for you.

Our new little nephew Henry was born yesterday so what better to give him than a bowtie onesie.  He can get all dressed up for those rides in the park or just hanging out at home.  :)

I bought a couple onesies at Walmart and just put a snap on the top (I also added a little round piece of felt to the back of the material so the snap wouldn't rip the onesie material).  Then I just made a bowtie using an idea from Pinterest.
I found a really cute cardigan sweater that will match this onesie perfectly.  :)

Now to my daughter Bella.  I wanted to make her a fall outfit for pictures we will be shooting tomorrow out in a pumpkin patch.  So here are two I made today.  They were actually pretty easy to make (I just know BASICS in sewing) so I'm pretty motivated to make more!
I got the idea from pinterest as well.  Just search onesie dresses and there are tons to choose from.  I bought a 4 pack of long sleeved onesies at Carters and then just sewed on 1/3 yard of material I bought at Hobby Lobby.  I used elastic on one of them and pleated the other.  The pleated one was much faster.  I sewed ribbon for the waist and made a hair bow too for each one.  Sorry for the horrible lighting (I finished them at night).

Here are a couple pictures of our cutie modeling the dresses.  
Happy Fall Ya'll!