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Sunday, March 16, 2014

baby headbands

Our niece was born last week and so I thought why not make some headbands for her and our little one.  I know, I know....you usually get the stretchy ribbon to make headbands but I made them with elastic ribbon for the back of the headband so I could use regular ribbon instead.  I went to Michaels to get some canvases and went a little crazy buying ribbon and bows and flowers at the $1 section that they set as a trap close to the register to buy!  I was a sucker and bought tons of cute stuff!  So with the crocheted flowers I just hot glued clips on the back so they could either clip on to the hair or headbands. The larger flowers were already clipped.
The headbands were just hot glued with elastic ribbon (about 2 inches) just to have some stretch when the baby grows.  Happy crafting!

My model with one I made for her!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

St. Pat's Onesie

So this is a public apology for friends and family that I have given onesies to.  You need to make sure you sew around anything you iron on (duh!!).  It's taken me to have my own kid that I now realize that!  So once again I apologize for giving you a cute gift that in turn has unraveled in the wash.

Ok now that I'm done with that....here is another onesie and leg warmers I made for St. Pat's Day!!!  I bought socks from Target and cut off the bottom of the sock to make leg warmers and then just cut out a shamrock for the onesie.  Enjoy drinking green beer!