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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sunburst Mirror and Chevron Things

I did lots of crafting this week so here you go:

Here's the before valance I had on the kitchen windows that I did for VERY cheap when we moved here.  I needed an update but didn't want to spend any money.

All I did was get painters tape, leftover wall paint and white fabric I had.  I laid out the painters tape about every 4 cm and then painted with a small roller.  Let it dry, sew the top so it can attach to the rod and hung! 

Sunburst Mirror

The sunburst mirror was made by buying a mirror from Hobby Lobby and using bamboo skewers I bought at Wal-Mart for a dollar.  I hot glued them on the opposite side of mirror and spray painted them metallic silver.  

I'm finally done with the painted chevron rug.  I used a Home Depot drop cloth, chevron pattern I cut out with carboard, painters tape and a quart of red wall paint.  It took forever just because of the chevron pattern.  I put polyurethane on it so it would be dirt free (it's supposed to protect it from stains but I think I needed to put another coat of it on....it soaked up a quart of polyurethane so I didn't go back to the store to buy more.)

I bought chevron fabric from fabric.com and put a Home Depot drop cloth on bottom of the fabric.  I sewed the edges under and then hot glued a rug stopper to the bottom so it wouldn't slide everywhere.  I then gave 3 coats of polyurethane (water based) on the chevron fabric so it would resist mud, etc that our dogs like to track in.  I made a red and black rug for the kitchen and I'm in the process of making one more for the sink area. 

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fridge frames

Since I've been in an organizing mood for a month now I wanted to clean up the fridge that we had all kinds of magnets, pictures, and clutter on.  I painted some Dollar Tree frames and put magnet strips on back.  It cleaned the fridge up great!  Hopefully my hubby will like it!  (He likes to collect magnets and all sorts of things to put on the fridge!)
The red frame on the left I attached a string and put little wooden clips to attach pictures. 

painted fabric and painters tape canvas

I was looking at Pinterest and found a really good blog called Design Share.  It had a tablecloth that she put polyurethane on and used as a rug.  Brilliant idea!  So I went shopping for a awesome looking tablecloth and there was no luck!  I instead got a Home Depot paint canvas cloth and painted a chevron pattern (this pic will be coming soon).  I also decided to paint a chevron pattern with acrylic paints on some scrap fabric I had and then cover with polyurethane.  Here is the pic of that.

I needed a bit of color in the den so I decided to find some cheap canvases (at Michaels they were on sale).  I then put painters tape on the canvases and painted with acrylic paints.  They turned out cute!   I'm going to make a sunburst mirror to go in between so pics of that will be coming soon!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Coffee Table redo

I did a little redoing of the house this weekend.  I'm in an organizing/redoing phase right now so I will continue to put pics on the blog. 

I redid the coffee table I've had for 10 years so it was nice for a change.  It was just stained a light oak stain so was pretty blah! 
I painted the bottom and stained the top.  It looks really good in the den. 

Made a little terrarium for the coffee table.  I have a tray I will redo that I will post later for it to sit in.